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Volunteer with Mersey Gateway and become part of Halton’s history

August 28, 2015adminNews

Local people are getting another chance to become part of Halton’s history by joining the volunteer team working with the Mersey Gateway Project.

Construction consortium Merseylink has trained up 50 volunteers so far and is now looking for more passionate and enthusiastic local people who want to help tell the story of the bridge and Halton’s history.

A volunteer information event will be held on Tuesday 15 September 2015 at 5.30pm-6.30pm in the Kingsway Learning Centre in Widnes so people can find out more.

Volunteers are a key part of the project. They work within the project’s visitor centre to help explain how the bridge is being built and help to deliver talks, presentations and temporary exhibitions in local community venues, schools and colleges.

All successful applicants are enrolled on a special four-week training programme, where they gain the skills and knowledge required to tell the story of Halton’s new bridge and road project.

Louise Cash, Merseylink’s volunteer coordinator, said:

“The Mersey Gateway is one of the largest building projects currently underway in the UK, and it’s not every day you get to volunteer on a scheme of this size and scale. People really do have the opportunity to get involved with something amazing that will leave a legacy for Halton.”

Halton residents Malcolm Findlow and Peter Millward are two of Merseylink’s longest serving volunteers.

Malcolm said:

“Being a Mersey Gateway volunteer is a fun and rewarding experience. We have learnt about the history and heritage of the area, the wildlife, ecology, environment and the construction process for the bridge and roads.”

Peter added:

“We are here to answer questions about the project. It’s great fun and an amazing way to learn about what is happening right here in Halton.”

To find out more about the Mersey Gateway volunteer programme please email

Halton Borough Council Mersey Link

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