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Breakdown Enquiries

The number to call if your vehicle breaks down on the Mersey Gateway Bridge is: 03306 780 676. (Please note, this is not the contact number for toll-related queries. Please contact the tolling operator, merseyflow, on 01928 878 878)

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Mersey Gateway Byelaws

The Mersey Gateway Byelaws specifically prohibit anyone other than Merseylink undertaking vehicle recovery or repairs on the Mersey Gateway Bridge.
You will find more information about the byelaws at:

Vehicle Recovery Policy

Please click the following highlighted link for a downloadable PDF version of the Vehicle Recovery Policy of The Mersey Gateway Project 

For more information on vehicle and breakdown enquiries, please click the following highlighted link: Vehicle & Breakdown Enquiries

Interim Project Road Guidance – Stranded Vehicles

Interim Project Road Guidance – Stranded Vehicles Reference: MER-OMC-SDOP-51-7004

  1. Introduction
    1. This Interim Project Road Guidance has been issued by Merseylink to provide information as to what should be done by occupants in the event of a vehicle becoming stranded i.e. broken down, whilst using the Mersey Gateway Bridge.
    2. As it is an interim document it will be reviewed, and where applicable revised, no later than three months after publication.
  2. Definitions
    1. “Merseylink”: The organisation responsible for the design, construction and operation of the Mersey Gateway Project Road.
    2. “Mersey Gateway Bridge”: The main bridge and approach viaducts situated between, and including, Ditton Junction and the Bridgewater Interchange.
  3. Guidance
    1. In accordance with the Highway Code all drivers must:
      1. Ensure your vehicle and trailer comply with the full requirements of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations and Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations (Rule 89)
      2. Before setting off,ensure that –
        1.  you have sufficient fuel before commencing your journey, especially if it includes motorway driving. It can be dangerous to lose power when driving in traffic; and,
        2. ensure your vehicle is legal and roadworthy (Rule 97).
    2. If your vehicle develops any sign of a fault whilst using the Mersey Gateway Bridge you should consider whether such fault requires you to immediately stop or whether it is safe to continue to the next available place of safety.
    3. If it is not safe to continue to the next available place of safety you should pull over to the left hand had side of the carriageway and switch on your hazard warning lights.
    4. Should it not be possible to safely manoeuvre you vehicles to the left hand side of the carriageway you should attempt to pull over to the right hand side of the carriageway, or other area that may provide refuge, and switch on your hazard warning lights.
    5. When the vehicle is stationary you should then call Merseylink on 0330 6780676 and be ready to provide the following information:-
      1. Location of your vehicle, i.e. are you travelling northbound or southbound;
      2. Make, model and registration number of your vehicle;
      3. The number of occupants and whether any occupants have mobility issues which may affect their ability to move without assistance;
      4. If known, a brief description of the issue.
    6. If you feel there is an immediate risk to life or property, or you reasonably believe a criminal act has been committed, you should immediately contact the Police on 999.
  4. How we manage the Mersey Gateway Bridge
    1. Merseylink continually monitor the Mersey Gateway Bridge using CCTV and our Maintenance and Response Teams, therefore it is likely Merseylink will already be aware of any breakdown or incident.
    2. In the event of a stranded vehicle Merseylink will use modern technology such as variable message signs and advisory speed limit signs to warn approaching motorists of an obstruction in the carriageway ahead.
    3. Merseylink will also deploy a maintenance and response team to provide assistance to vehicle occupants and protection from approaching traffic.
    4. Merseylink operate the Mersey Gateway Bridge in accordance with the Mersey Gateway Byelaws 2016. Further details on these can be obtained by visiting
    5. In order to ensure the safe and expedient movement of traffic across the Mersey Gateway Bridge, the Mersey Gateway Byelaws 2016 restrict vehicle recovery operations, which are currently undertaken by Merseylink. This ensures that all vehicles are removed as quickly as practicable, and vehicles and occupants are always removed to a suitable place of safety.
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