The Mersey Gateway Project

Merseylink’s proposed changes to the Bridgewater Junction in Runcorn were approved by Halton Borough Council’s planning committee on 4 November 2013. The images below show how the design has altered from the council’s originally approved scheme.

Merseylink's new proposal for Bridgewater Junction

Merseylink’s approved plans for Bridgewater Junction

The current approved design for Bridgewater Junction

The previous design for Bridgewater Junction














This minor change, which doesn’t affect the main bridge or the Central Expressway but provides benefits to the Bridgewater Junction area, has now been approved.

Before they submitted their application, the Merseylink team consulted with local communities and other stakeholders to get their input on the change, which is essentially a switch from a single large roundabout beneath the main road to two smaller linked roundabouts, known as a dumbbell arrangement.

As part of this consultation exercise they held events and produced a leaflet explaining the proposed changes which was distributed to local homes and businesses.

This public consultation period ran from 1 July to 26 July 2013 and was designed to give interested parties a chance to comment. The feedback on the proposed changes was largely positive and the plans were taken forward to Halton Borough Council’s planning committee which approved them on 4 November 2013.



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