The Mersey Gateway Project

The main bridge

December 29, 2014LornaNews

CofferdamWork is continuing on the trestle bridge across the river, which should be completed in the spring. Construction of the exterior of the south cofferdam is nearing completion and we are now starting to stockpile sand ready for the infilling work to begin the in the New Year.

This involves pumping locally sourced sand into the structure to create a dry environment. Approximately 8,000 tonnes of sand will be used in each cofferdam.

The sand needs to be mixed with water for the pumping process and the Environment Agency has given us permission to use water from the River Mersey for this work (the water will be filtered back into the river).

We will also be building an access platform, ramp and walkway so our construction teams can enter the cofferdam to start work on the sheet piling for the inner structure at the end of January.

The exterior of the north cofferdam, which we expect to be finished in January, will also be infilled in a similar way.

Merseylink has been given permission to work extended hours in the river so is operating from 6am – 10pm Monday – Saturday and from 8am – 6pm on Sundays.

However, no piling work is taking place before 9am on Sundays in December, and the team is reviewing the work programme at the start of 2015 to see if this can be maintained during January and beyond.

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