The Mersey Gateway Project

New road, lane and footpath closures

May 5, 2015LornaNews

Essential work on the Mersey Gateway Project means the following road and lane closures will be in place over the coming days and weeks.

Date of closure Road / footpath Details
30/3/15 – for 18 months A533 / A558 Bridgewater Expressway to Daresbury Expressway Total closure of eastbound carriageway towards Daresbury between Astmoor Junction and Haddocks Wood Junction for construction work
30/3/15 – for 18 months A558 / A533 Daresbury Expressway to Bridgewater Expressway Westbound carriageway closed, with hardshoulder only running through the Bridgewater Interchange. For construction work.
30/3/15 – ongoing for
8 months
Southern Expressway to Weston Link Total closure of Southern Expressway to Weston Link and Lane 2 running on main Central Expressway to Halton Lea. For construction work.
27/4/15 – for four months A562 Speke Road Southbound off-slip from Speke Road to Ditton Roundabout closed, for main site work. Local diversion in operation.
23/4/15 – for four weeks A557 from Weston Expressway to Clifton Roundabout Overnight northbound and southbound lane 2 closures between Lodge Lane Interchange and Clifton Roundabout. From 7pm to 5am, for construction work.
26/2/15 – ongoing Boston Avenue to Central Expressway Total closure of northbound slip road from Boston Avenue (Halton Brow) onto Central Expressway
5/5/15 – 5/6/15 Ditton Roundabout Lane 2 closure on South West side of Ditton Roundabout. Lane 2 closure on Queensway northbound exit slip
18/5/15 – 24/7/15 Ditton Roundabout to Moor Lane Roundabout Eastbound lane 1 closure on north side of Ditton Roundabout to cover the Speke Road exit slip road and around to the Moor Lane Roundabout. Offpeak closures only.
25/5/15 – ongoing for three months Hallwood Park footpath Total closure of footpath between Beechwood footbridge and Lodge Lane footbridge, including footpath from Eagles Way. For construction work.
18/5/15 – ongoing for six months Footpath adjacent to Weston Expressway Total closure of footpath between footbridge on Weston Expressway and Clifton Roundabout. A diversion via Cholmondeley Road will be in place.

Ongoing works

Southern Expressway to Weston Link

There will be a total closure of this slip road for construction work. The closure came into effect on March 30, and will remain in place for eight months, until late 2015. A local diversion will be in place.

A533 Central Expressway at Lodge Lane Interchange

Work will be taking place at the interchange just after the exit for the Shopping Centre, and is expected to complete in Spring 2015. The work involves closures to lane 1 southbound, and the hard shoulder for main site access work and trial hole digging.

Weston Point Expressway / M56 Junction 12

Work is now taking place between 7pm and 5am Monday to Friday, and between 7am and 5pm Saturday and Sunday, along the Weston Point Expressway heading towards the M56 Junction 12. The road is down to one lane southbound as it approaches the roundabout / junction. Work is expected to continue until summer 2015.

Bridgewater / Daresbury / Central Expressway interchange

Work is underway here to create a new double roundabout which will provide a link between the Central Expressway and the Daresbury and Bridgewater Expressways when the new bridge opens. Expect diversions and disruption in this location until the new bridge opens in 2017.

Ditton Roundabout

Work is underway here to convert Ditton Roundabout to a junction with traffic lights. A number of roads in the area will be closed at different times until the new bridge opens in 2017. Expect diversions and disruption in this area as a result.

Station Road, Runcorn

Please be aware that there will be diversions in place associated with ongoing emergency repair works by Halton Borough Council at Station Road in Runcorn for the coming 10 weeks. You can read the full detail of the announcement from Halton Borough Council here.

The information provided here is an overview of planned work and therefore subject to change.

The team may have to put in place overnight road closures or diversions at short notice due to emergency situations, and these may not be detailed here, but it is our aim to provide information that is as up to date as possible.

For more information on ongoing work, please visit:



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