The Mersey Gateway Project

Motorists advised to be aware of major new expressway diversions in Runcorn

June 18, 2015LornaNews

A new series of roadworks and diversions will be coming into force across Runcorn, as part of the Mersey Gateway Project, from the morning of Monday 22 June.

Motorists using the Central Expressway, Weston Link and Weston Point Expressways, particularly those heading north, will find their journeys affected from Monday morning, but local diversions are being put in place.

Specific diversions will be marked using separate symbols where considered necessary. It will be important for motorists to follow the specific diversion symbol that relates to their route. The specific diversions and symbols are:



  • A557 Weston Point Expressway slip road to Weston Link eastbound – the slip road from Weston Point Expressway northbound (from M56 Junction 12) to Weston Link eastbound (towards Central Expressway) will be completely closed from 29 June for approximately 12 months. A local diversion will be in place.


In addition to these, two existing diversions will be re-routed and new signage will be in place:



Hugh O’Connor, General Manager of Merseylink, said the project team would be working hard to return the road network to normal as soon as possible.

“These diversions are necessary to allow the team to carry out essential work,” he said.

“I’d like to urge everyone driving through Runcorn to follow the reduced speed limits, as this will allow them time to understand the diversion signs and therefore follow the right route to their destination.

“The changes to the road network are vital to provide an efficient connection between the bridge and the highways of Halton and the wider area.

“We know there’s a lot of roadworks going on across Halton, and we’re grateful for the patience everyone has shown”.

The information provided here is an overview of planned work and therefore subject to change.

The team may have to put in place overnight road closures or diversions at short notice due to emergency situations, and these may not be detailed here, but it is our aim to provide information that is as up to date as possible.

For more information on other ongoing work, please visit:


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