The Mersey Gateway Project

Mersey Gateway could help make region’s roads safer

September 24, 2007LornaNews

New research carried out by the RAC has identified the north west as the most dangerous area of the country to travel in and the Mersey Gateway team believe that the construction of a new crossing over the river Mersey would help alleviate this problem.

The research took into account factors such as travel time, collision rates and CO2 levels when judging the most hazardous regions and the north west came out on top, followed by London and eastern England.

The Mersey Gateway team believes that the construction of a new crossing will help improve the quality of travel for motorists across the region.

Steve Nicholson, Mersey Gateway Project Director, said: “The building of the Mersey Gateway will improve journey times and help cut congestion, not only for residents of Halton, but also for the many thousands of people who travel through the borough every day on their way to and from work across the region.”

“The research also suggests that we will continue to be reliant on travel by car for some time to come and reinforces the need for major infrastructure improvements such as the Mersey Gateway.”

He added: “The new crossing would allow traffic to flow freely and as a result there would be fewer collisions and accidents. With less stationery traffic we would also expect to see a reduction in CO2 levels.”

Councillor Tony McDermott, Leader of Halton Borough Council and Chair of the Mersey Gateway Executive Board said: “We have known for many years that there has been the need for a new crossing in Halton and this research underlines the need to invest in our infrastructure and the Mersey Gateway is a key priority. It?s clear that there is a need to relieve congestion on the Silver Jubilee Bridge and improve the situation for travelers across the north west.”

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