The Mersey Gateway Project

Stunning new drone footage of Mersey Gateway Bridge released

September 22, 2017LornaNews

The latest drone footage of the iconic Mersey Gateway Bridge, taken earlier in the summer shows the tremendous progress that has been made as the project nears completion.

Shot from high above the estuary, the new video clearly shows the work that’s been carried out on the landmark bridge project, with the iconic structure looking pristine, with deck completed, its three pylons and 146 cable stays all clearly visible.

While the bridge structure is complete, the final elements of work are now being made which include barriers, street lighting , waterproofing and surfacing work, all of which must be finished before it can open safely to allow traffic.

Construction plant and vehicles can still be seen busily working on the bridge deck, but the gigantic bridge building machines that formed the bridge deck, as well as the 125m tall cranes that helped to lift the materials in to build its pylons, have now been removed, giving people their first unrestricted view of the bridge.

Layers of road surfacing have been laid on most sections of the bridge, and this work is nearing completion. The bridge remains on track to open by mid-October, weather permitting.

Other Drone operators are reminded of the strict regulations which are in place governing the use of drones and that unauthorised flying in a public place or around a construction site could lead to the operator being arrested.

Once opened the new bridge will be a tolled crossing, you can register online at

 If you would like to find out more about the Mersey Gateway project, please visit:

You can view the video here,


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