The Mersey Gateway Project

Emergency Planning Exercise on Mersey Gateway Bridge

September 7, 2017LornaNews

A major emergency planning exercise is being held on the new Mersey Gateway Bridge this Friday morning (8 September).

As a result, members of the public may notice a lot of activity and vehicles on and around the new bridge, including blue flashing lights and sirens. This is all part of the planned exercise and is not a cause for alarm.

The local emergency services and the bridge maintenance team are conducting the emergency planning exercise on the Mersey Gateway Bridge to ensure police, fire and ambulance services and the bridge maintenance team are able to co-ordinate a response in the event of a real emergency taking place on the new Mersey Gateway Bridge.

Hugh O’Connor, General Manager of Merseylink, said: “It is essential that we plan and prepare for all eventualities as part of being ready for the opening of the bridge and the approach roads. This means we need to work very closely not just with the Council but also the emergency services and this live exercise is a very important part of that process.”

The new bridge is scheduled to open in the next few weeks. It will be a toll bridge and anyone who wants to register for discounts on the bridge can do so at

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