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Drivers in Runcorn urged to take extra care through Expressway roadworks

April 7, 2015LornaNews

Drivers using the Expressways in Runcorn are being urged to look out for new diversion signs and take extra care along diversion routes through the town. A new phase of road closures and diversions began on 30 March as part of the Mersey Gateway Project.

Representatives from construction consortium Merseylink are urging drivers to look out for diversion signs, stick to the revised speed limits and take their time to get to know the new junction layouts and diversion routes.

The main closure is eastbound along the A533 Bridgewater Expressway, where all traffic is being diverted through the Astmoor Industrial Estate.

The closure and diversion in the area is also affecting traffic using the Central and Daresbury Expressways.

One of the major impacts is for traffic heading from the westbound Bridgewater Expressway into the Astmoor Industrial Estate. Anyone travelling in this direction now has to give way to traffic being diverted off the eastbound Bridgewater Expressway and along the main diversion through Astmoor.

The closure of the northbound slip road from Boston Avenue to the Central Expressway has also been extended and this will now be shut until further notice.

Hugh O’Connor, General Manager for Merseylink, said: “There are new give way arrangements at the junction approaching the Astmoor Industrial Estate from the westbound Bridgewater Expressway, and if you are following the diversion to Daresbury from the Central Expressway.

“Please be aware there are other changes locally drivers will need to get used to – our message is that anyone driving in this area should expect their normal route to be affected in some way and to pay close attention to the signs.”

“We’ve reduced the speed limits across the site for safety reasons to keep road users, pedestrians and workers in the area as safe as possible. We’d like to thank the vast majority of motorists for sticking to the new limits. They are there for everyone’s safety, and will be enforced.”

He added: “I understand delays cause frustration and we are doing everything we can to minimise the impact. Following advice from the local community and our traffic consultation team we have changed some of the signage near Haddocks Wood, and we’ll continue to monitor the situation closely.”

The diversion at Bridgewater runs between Astmoor Junction and Haddocks Wood Junction, where it will rejoin the main carriageway.

The existing junctions on the diversion route have been improved to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. This traffic diversion will be in place for at least the following 18 months

The westbound carriageway – heading towards the Silver Jubilee Bridge – on the A558 Daresbury Expressway has also been reduced to one lane.

For more information on ongoing work, please visit:

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