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Ditton Junction roadworks set to move into new phase as Mersey Gateway progresses

September 19, 2016LornaNews

Drivers using one of Widnes’s busiest junctions should feel the benefit as one of the key stretches of Mersey Gateway roadworks heads in to its next phase from 26 September.

From Monday 26 September traffic travelling south from Liverpool to the Silver Jubilee Bridge will no longer have to follow the old Ditton Roundabout route.The new road under Ditton junction bridge will be opened and Ditton roundabout will be reconfigured to a signalised junction. The southbound Queensway onslip from Ditton junction to the Silver Jubilee Bridge will close.

The northbound Queensway offslip to Ditton junction will become two-way to take two lanes of traffic in both directions between Ditton junction and the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

Traffic travelling from Ditton Road to the Silver Jubilee Bridge will need to go through Ditton junction to the Kingsway roundabout and return to the junction along Moor Lane until the new bridge opens in autumn 2017.

LayoutFor drivers approaching the junction from Liverpool and heading towards Runcorn it is good news as the changes mean they only have to pass through one set of traffic lights at the junction before heading on towards the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

There will be no significant change to the current route through the roadworks for drivers heading north as they come off the Silver Jubilee Bridge and down to the junction to travel towards Speke Road and on in the direction of Liverpool and the Knowsley Expressway.

This new arrangement will be in place for around 12 months until the new bridge opens and the permanent road network in the area is opened.

Hugh O’Connor, General Manager of Merseylink, said: “We’re still on track to open the new bridge in autumn 2017 and it is good that we’re now starting to open new routes as well as closing them. There will be clear signage in place to show drivers where to go once they arrive at the new-look Ditton Junction, but, as ever, we’re asking people to take their time and drive safely while they get used to the changed layout.”

Cllr Rob Polhill, Leader of Halton Borough Council, said: “It’s good to see the construction team is now starting to open new roads and improved routes on both sides of the river and this is good news for drivers travelling between Speke Road and the Silver Jubilee Bridge. I’m looking forward to more new routes opening this year and next as we head towards the new bridge opening in autumn 2017.”

Ditton Road westbound closure – from 3 October

From Monday 3 October there will be no access from Ditton Junction to Ditton Road westbound. A short stretch (approx. 100 metres) of the westbound section of Ditton Road between Ditton Roundabout and the entrance to WSR Recycling, will be closed for around six months with a diversion in place whilst further work is done to Ditton Junction.


Ongoing construction work around Ditton Junction

Construction work will continue in the area for the next year.

The southbound slip road and embankments that currently connect traffic leaving Ditton Roundabout to the Silver Jubilee Bridge will be demolished shortly. This will make way for the new road network and create regeneration opportunities in the area.

The new arrangement has been made possible as the Mersey Gateway construction team has now built the central ‘bridge section’ over Ditton Junction of the new permanent route that will connect Speke Road to the new Mersey Gateway Bridge.

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