The Mersey Gateway Project

Current profiling work takes place on Mersey Estuary

November 16, 2011LornaNews

Researchers got an unusual view of Runcorn and Widnes this week as part of research into tidal flows in the River Mersey.

Survey work to map the strength and direction of currents in the Mersey Estuary has taken place this week (Monday 14th November) as part of the development of the Mersey Gateway Project.

The surveying work, which was carried out using a specialist contractor ABPmer using Acoustic Doppler Profiling equipment, measured the speed and direction of currents in the Mersey close to where the new bridge will cross the river. It will provide prospective contractors with detailed information about the conditions they are likely to encounter when working out on the estuary.

Steve Nicholson, Mersey Gateway Project Director, said: “This flow data will be of use initially during the planning of advance site investigation works, which are intended to determine the strength of the bed-rock upon which the bridge towers will be founded.

We already have a lot of important data about the estuary and this will add to it. During the advance works, cores will be drilled into the rock to a depth of up to 50 metres from mobile working platforms, so this work is important preparation for that taking place.

Advance work on the project is being stepped up now that the Government has agreed the detailed Mersey Gateway funding package.

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