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Volunteers are all ears for environment talk

November 28, 2014MerseylinkNews

A group of Mersey Gateway volunteers recently enjoyed an informative talk from one of Merseylink’s environmental experts.

Mersey Gateway volunteers learn about the environmental aspects of the Mersey Gateway Project

Mersey Gateway volunteers learn about the environmental aspects of the Mersey Gateway Project

Nicola Ridgway, Merseylink’s Environmental Coordinator, informed the volunteers about the environmental aims of the project, including how things like noise, air quality, pollution and historical contamination are being managed, as well as archaeological and cultural heritage impacts.

She also spoke about Halton’s diverse ecology, for example, the various plant and mammal species that can be found on land and in the water at different project locations, and what Merseylink is doing to protect and improve local ecosystems as part of the construction process.

The workshop formed part of the Mersey Gateway volunteer training programme.

So far 40 local people have signed up as volunteers and Merseylink is seeking many more to help to tell the story of Halton and the iconic new bridge.

The volunteers take part in a training programme, which covers:

  • employability skills
  • customer skills
  • presentation skills
  • community engagement
  • history, aims and objectives of the project
  • local heritage
  • scope of project – works, services and tolling
  • construction programme – length, phases, key milestones.

Once trained, the volunteers will work alongside Merseylink’s project team to deliver a series of talks, presentations and temporary exhibitions in local community venues, schools, colleges and to staff the visitor centres.

If you’d like to find out more about volunteering with the Mersey Gateway Project, please email

Halton Borough Council Mersey Link

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