The Mersey Gateway Project

Traffic lights on Bridgewater Junction due to be switched on

September 15, 2017Chris SealeyNews

Engineers working on the Mersey Gateway Bridge are completing the final touches on its connecting roads, and are now advising motorists that traffic lights will shortly be switched on at Bridgewater Junction.

Traffic management has been in place at the junction while work on the new bridge and its connecting roads is completed, and traffic lights at the junction will be activated from the morning of Wednesday, September 20, after peak hour traffic has passed through the junction.

The dumbbell-shaped junction links the Bridgewater, Daresbury and Central Expressways together.

It is a key route for anyone travelling from Warrington through Runcorn towards the Silver Jubilee Bridge, or heading from the Silver Jubilee Bridge towards Daresbury or the Central Expressway.

When complete the junction will be the main link to the new bridge on the Runcorn side.

While the traffic lights are being switched on, the junction will not yet be fully operational, meaning all approaches to the junction will remain as single lanes.

Hugh O’Connor, General Manager of Merseylink, said: “We’re putting the final touches to this project, and this will be a major change for motorists who over the past three years have been used to various forms of traffic management, but have not experienced traffic lights at this junction.

“The traffic lights will go live on the morning of Wednesday, September 20, so please make sure you are aware of the new arrangements, and pay close attention to traffic management and signage at the site.

“Please remember to drive carefully through the junction.”

Cllr Rob Polhill, Leader of Halton Borough Council, said: “We’re gearing up for the full opening of the new bridge and its associated road network. Thanks to motorists for your patience during this busy time.

“Once this junction is complete it will be one of the main access and exit points from our landmark new bridge.”

The new bridge is scheduled to open to traffic in the next few weeks. It will be a toll bridge and anyone who wants to register for discounts on the bridge can do so at

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