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Please stay safe when taking project photographs

May 10, 2016MerseylinkNews

We would like to remind everyone to stay safe and stay out of Mersey Gateway construction sites and coned-off areas of our roadworks when trying to capture project photographs. Entering these areas is not only trespassing, but also puts both you and our workforce at risk.

We have recently encountered members of the public who have breached our work boundaries to take photographs inside the perimeter, placing themselves in unnecessary danger. This is further increased when focusing attention down a camera lens, rather than on any surrounding hazards.

For safety, only authorised persons are allowed to enter our sites or enclosed traffic management areas and all are required to wear high visibility clothing and protective equipment. Our employees are trained in construction site safety and are briefed on the daily changing site hazards, which can include falling objects, exposed utility cables and moving vehicles. Without these vital safeguards, photographers are placing themselves at risk of a potentially serious accident.

We do understand that people are excited and passionate about the project, and we welcome and appreciate the interest that people have shown. There are some amazing images of Halton being taken and shared and for this we thank everyone.

However, we strongly urge all photographers to stay safe and to take pictures only from outside of our working areas and enclosures. As an employer and as a responsible member of the local community, we have a duty to deal with any inappropriate or illegal activity that could cause a safety risk to our employees, local people or road users.

Anyone with a concern about any aspect of safety on a Mersey Gateway construction site should contact Merseylink on

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