The Mersey Gateway Project

  • A total of 146 stay cables will be installed on the Mersey Gateway bridge
  • There will be 62 stay cables attached to the south pylon (31 on each side), 54 attached to the north pylon (27 on each side) and 30 attached to the central pylon (15 on each side)
  • The shortest stay cable is around 41 metres and the longest stay cable is approximately 226 metres
  • The cables will be attached to two anchor points; one in the upper pylon and one in the bridge deck
  • Each stay cable consists of between 41 and 91 individual strands of steel
  • Each strand contains seven wires, which are galvanised, waxed, and covered in a special coating to protect them from corrosion
  • The strands are delivered to site in compact coils and are installed one by one using a winch system
  • Every strand can support a weight of up to 27.9 tonnes
  • The total length of the strands measures more than 810 miles – around the same distance from John O’Groats to Land’s End
  • The 146 stay cables have a total load bearing capacity of around 53,500 tonnes, which is heavier than the QE2 ocean liner
  • The cables are helix-shaped to prevent vibrations from wind and rain and have been tested in wind tunnels
  • The cables are light green – the same colour as the Silver Jubilee Bridge.
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