The Mersey Gateway Project

Pewithall School and Widnes Academy schoolchildren meet up to mark completion of the trestle bridge – June 2015

Four local schoolchidren were guests of honour at a special ceremony for the Mersey Gateway Project to mark the completion of the trestle bridge.

Aidan Shaw and Abbie Strain, both age 10, from Pewithall Primary School in Runcorn, and Benyapha Choeisungnoen (age 10) and Tyler Moisey (age 9), from Widnes Academy in West Bank, were the stars of the show at the special Merseylink event.

The pupils and their teachers travelled up the trestle from each side of the river (Spike Island on the north side and Wigg Island on the south side) to meet in the middle, where they held hands to symbolise the new bridge joining the two towns together. Read more

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