The Mersey Gateway Project

New leadership for Mersey Gateway Crossings Board following first successful six-months of operation

After leading the Mersey Gateway Project through its first successful six months of operation, Chief Executive Paul Fenwick will leave the Mersey Gateway Crossings Board (MGCB) to be replaced by Managing Director, Mike Bennett.

Mike Bennett – MGCB Managing Director

Paul was appointed as Construction Director for the MGCB in June 2014 and was tasked with overseeing the construction of the Mersey Gateway Bridge. When David Parr then stepped down as Chief Executive in October 2017, Paul took the reins.

In the first six months of operation under the Paul’s leadership, the new bridge has welcomed over 15 million vehicles with over 96% of users paying their toll on time enjoying quicker, easier and more reliable journeys.

While Paul has now come to the end of his four-year fixed term appointment, he will remain with the MGCB as an Independent Non-Executive Director on its Board of Directors.

He said, “It has been most interesting and rewarding 4 years at the MGCB for me. The new bridge is a magnificent and elegant piece of civil engineering but more importantly it is making a real and positive difference to Halton’s residents, environment and economy as well as to those of the wider Region.”

“I am very pleased to be still associated with such a great project as a Non-Executive Director and wish Mike every success in his new role as Managing Director.”

Having spent 16 years with Halton Borough Council as a Principal Engineer (bridges), moving on to Team Leader and then finally Divisional Manager for Bridge and Highway Maintenance, Mike joined the MGCB as Group Technical Manager in February 2014.

Mike took lead client responsibility for ensuring compliance with relevant contractual obligations in respect of all technical design, construction, operational and maintenance matters of the Mersey Gateway Project.

This involved managing internal resources and coordinating the procurement and service delivery of a team of specialist consultants in providing technical and contractual assurance across a wide range of specialist highway infrastructure disciplines.

Mike was appointed as Managing Director in April 2018 and has since worked in tandem with Paul ahead of his departure. Mike will also act as Operational Director, leading the project through its operational phase.

He said “I have been involved in design, construction and maintenance of bridges for the majority of my career and my association with the project stretches back to 2002 when Halton committed to making the case for a vital new Mersey crossing.”

“In terms of highway infrastructure, the project really is the biggest show in town. It has already developed a national and international profile and I feel immensely proud to have been involved in it, particularly during the complex and incredibly spectacular construction period.”

“I feel honoured to be given the responsibility for taking the project forward through its operational phase, building upon the success of the project to date, continuing to deliver the benefits to the travelling public and increasing the potential for economic growth of the Borough and the Region.”

The MGCB leadership team now consists of Managing and Operational Director, Mike Bennett and Finance Director, Helen Dearden.

The Board of Directors consists of Managing and Operational Director, Mike Bennett, Chairman, Cllr Rob Polhill, Council Non-Executive Director Cllr Mike Wharton, Independent Non-Executive Directors, Geoff Brown and Paul Fenwick and Finance Director, Helen Dearden.

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