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Important message regarding drones

September 24, 2015MerseylinkNews

We’d like to make everyone aware that flying unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in and around the site of the Mersey Gateway Project is potentially breaking the law and putting lives at risk.

In the recent past we’ve seen drones fly directly over and amongst the cranes working on the site of the new bridge and directly over the M56 junction. This is illegal and dangerous – we have people working at up to 450 feet in height on cranes and pylons in the estuary, and tens of thousands of people drive across the M56 every hour. The consequences of an accident could be horrendous.

If they are used safely and within the law, drones can provide stunning footage, and we understand why people are keen to capture images of the work in this way. However, as an employer and as a responsible member of the local community we have a duty to report any inappropriate or illegal drone activity that could cause a safety risk to our employees, local people or commuters.

All drone operators must be aware of the rules set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regarding drone flights, particularly around Halton, as the project is located in Class D Controlled Airspace due to our close proximity to Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

A good place to start is and for more detailed information please look at the CAA’s website content around drone safety.

We do understand that people are excited and passionate about the project, and we think it is great that so many of you want to see what’s going on and to take and share your own photos. There are some amazing images of Halton being taken and shared across the world and for this we thank everyone.

The last thing we want however, is for any accidents to happen which can put lives at risk. Similarly, we don’t want anyone to be prosecuted or fined because they are flying a drone in the wrong area, and we don’t want our construction work to be delayed because of an incident.

Thanks for your help.

The Merseylink Team

Halton Borough Council Mersey Link

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