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Changes to Mersey Gateway project working hours

October 17, 2014MerseylinkNews

It is important to us at Merseylink to keep residents informed of works that are being undertaken as part of the Mersey Gateway project that may affect them.

As part of the construction of the new crossing you will be aware that construction activities have commenced in the river and on surrounding roads.

Our work in the river is restricted by the tides meaning we can only work when the tide is rising or falling. This has led us to request some extended working hours which will come into operation this weekend.

We now have permission from Halton Borough Council to work between Monday and Saturday 6am to 10pm and Sunday 8am to 6pm. We will not necessarily be working continually during these hours, but we have asked for this extension to give us the flexibility to work around the tides. There should be no loud or continuous noise from the work but we are making you aware just in case you see lights in the river or do hear any background noise. These activities will last until next spring.

The work on the river during this time will involve the 410ft Harry McGill tower crane barge which will be used to build temporary structures known as cofferdams.

The construction of the cofferdams will enable work to begin on the construction of the pylons that will support the three towers of the 1,000m long cable-stay bridge.

You can find out more about this construction activity at

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the project team then please email

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