The Mersey Gateway Project

Central & Southern Expressway closures planned for 7 November now postponed

October 28, 2015MerseylinkNews

Further to recent discussions between traffic management teams, Merseylink has agreed to postpone the planned Central Expressway closure until other parts of the road network can be made available for use by the travelling public as part of the diversion.

The closure will now not come into effect until the westbound Weston Link (towards Weston Point Expressway) is reopened. This will enable northbound traffic, intended for the Central Expressway, to be diverted via Weston Link and the Weston Point Expressway. The southbound diversion will be routed via the Halton Lea junction and Halton Link Road to Hallwood Junction. Northway will be made two way, and new planned road traffic improvements in this area are already underway.

Since Merseylink will have to review the sequence and acceleration of other works in the area around Weston Link, a time scale for implementing the closure cannot yet be provided. We estimate that the works will be rescheduled to late November. Rest assured Merseylink will give two weeks’ clear notice for communicating these changes via the press and social media.

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