The Mersey Gateway Project

The project will bring huge estimated benefits for people and businesses in Halton, the Liverpool city-region, Cheshire and across the north west.

Economic benefits:

  • 470 permanent full-time equivalent jobs on site during the construction phase
  • 4,640 permanent new jobs as a result of the operation of the Mersey Gateway, regeneration activity and inward investment
  • £61.9 million a year in Gross Value Added from the new jobs by 2030, and
  • it will also support sustained growth at Liverpool Ports and Liverpool John Lennon Airport and improve business productivity throughout the Mersey corridor (known as agglomeration impacts).

Transport benefits:

  • reductions in journey times of up to 10 minutes in peak periods
  • increase in journey time reliability
  • less congestion resulting in lower carbon emissions
  • reductions in the cost of accidents of up to £39 million
  • 80% less traffic using the Silver Jubilee Bridge, freeing it up for use as a local bridge
  • increased network resilience and civil contingencies
  • reductions in maintenance delays as a result of reduced congestion, and
  • a major strategic new transport route linking the Liverpool city-region and the north west to the rest of the country. 

Social benefits:

  • improvements to public transport facilities
  • improvements to walking and cycling facilities
  • improved health as a result of reduced air pollution
  • safer, new routes for cyclists and pedestrians across and around the river, more reliable access to emergency services and more robust emergency civil contingency planning.
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Mersey Gateway Project