The Mersey Gateway Project

If you use public transport in Halton the Mersey Gateway Project will deliver significant benefits. As well as the new bridge improving journey times and cutting congestion, Halton Borough Council will be using some of the toll revenue to invest significantly in public and sustainable transport in the borough.

This will include the introduction of a free bus service connecting Runcorn and Widnes town centres. The intention is for all local buses to use the Silver Jubilee Bridge, which will be remodelled as a local bridge as part of the project.

Will this mean the price of my bus ticket will go up as a result of tolls?

No. Local bus services will not have to pay a toll. We want to encourage more people to use public transport services in Halton.

What additional cycling facilities will be set up to help local people choose ‘green’ transport options that mean they don’t have to pay tolls?
There will  be significant improvements to cycle routes across the Silver Jubilee Bridge and to connect it to the two town centres. Full details of these will be announced in 2017.

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