The Mersey Gateway Project

Staff and councillors who work for Halton Borough Council will be able to access the same discount options as everyone else in the region. The many hundreds of staff who live in as well as work for Halton will be eligible for the local user discount scheme.

Other staff members who live outside of Halton will have access to the same range of other money-saving options such as monthly unlimited travel passes that other bridge users who live elsewhere but cross the bridge in Halton can use.

Will councillors and council staff have to pay tolls?
Yes – councillors and council staff will have to pay tolls just like everyone else.  Their eligibility to participate in any of the discount schemes will also be the same as everyone else, so, for example, only council staff who live within Halton will qualify for the local user discount scheme.
Will the council be allowing staff to claim tolls back as expenses?

Halton Borough Council will allow staff to claim tolls back as expenses if they relate to business use. Staff will not be allowed to claim for any other journeys including travelling to and from work at the start and end of their working day.


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