The Mersey Gateway Project

The Mersey Gateway Project will bring many benefits to businesses in Halton and the wider north west region – we are already seeing significant new investment and job creation in Halton, and journey time reliability and connectivity is of crucial importance to many of these businesses.

We have a monthly pass for cars or small vans, which will provide real value for vehicles that cross the bridge on business a number of times each day.

For less regular users and vehicles of a higher class such as HGVs, businesses or individuals can save up to 10% on the cost of each individual trip by way of sticker registration.

Halton Businesses and the 100% Local User Discount Scheme

Our Local User Discount Scheme is eligible only to residents when using their vehicle for non-business use. There is no dispensation for business use or businesses based in Halton.

Local User Discount Scheme – how is it paid for?

The legislation that permits the construction and operation of the Mersey Gateway Project also permits the charging of tolls. The toll is needed to pay for the new bridge and for its maintenance: without the toll, the bridge would not be under construction now.

This legislation also allows the provision of a Local User Discount Scheme, the cost of the proposed scheme is being met by a combination of Council and Central Government funding. The Council does not have the resource to extend the Local User Discount Scheme to any other user groups, including locally based businesses.

Any additional discount scheme would need Central Government to approve and meet the costs. This is not in the gift of Halton Council or the Mersey Gateway Crossings Board.

Ahead of the general election on 23 April 2015, the then Chancellor George Osborne indicated a discount scheme for small businesses will be introduced.

He said (taken from,

“There will be special help for smaller businesses and you’ve got to get the burden right.

We have got a special scheme for small businesses to help with people who have got vans and the like, so we help the small businesses and I think that’s the right balance.”

At present, we do not have any detail of the scheme proposed by Mr Osborne however; we will communicate further if any proposed scheme is finalised by Government.

For further guidance

Local businesses can seek support and advice through the Halton Chamber of Commerce.

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