The Mersey Gateway Project

Trips across both bridges will be free of charge for eligible Halton residents.

Only cars and small vans used for private use are eligible. Any trips made for business must be declared and paid for.

Registration for the scheme will be subject to an annual fee of £10

To qualify for the scheme you must:

  1. Be on the Electoral Register for Halton Borough Council (special arrangements are being made for 17-year-olds).
  2. Be the registered keeper according to the DVLA of a vehicle registered in Halton. Equivalent proof that you are the keeper of the vehicle on an exclusive basis will be required for vehicles that are leased or company cars.
  3. Be either: (a) registered with the Council as living in a property in Halton with a Council Tax Band of A, B, C, D, E or F; or (b) registered with the Council as living in a property in Halton with a Council Tax Band of G and H and successfully apply to the Council to be included in the Local User Discount Scheme as a result of economic hardship* or other special circumstances.

Each qualifying resident will only be able to register one vehicle on the discount scheme, but there will be no limit on how many vehicles can be registered in each household.

Halton businesses are not eligible for the Local User Discount Scheme. Find out why here.

For further information about the Local User Discount Scheme and how it is paid for, click here.

We are not accepting registrations just yet as the new crossing will open in 2017. If you go to the right  of the page and sign up to receive our e-newsletter, we will tell you directly when we are taking registrations.

* An economic hardship scheme will be available to Halton residents only who meet all other eligibility criteria. The scheme is currently under development and details will be communicated in full well in advance of bridge opening.


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