The Mersey Gateway Project

The new Mersey Gateway Bridge crosses the River Mersey between Runcorn and Widnes about a mile to the east of the existing Silver Jubilee Bridge.

The new bridge, which will have three lanes of traffic travelling across the river in each direction, crosses St Helens Canal, Widnes Warth Saltmarsh, Astmoor Saltmarsh and Wigg Island, as well as the Mersey Estuary itself, before turning southwards over the Manchester Ship Canal and across Astmoor Industrial Estate on the southern side of the river. Here, it joins with the existing Central Expressway.

Described by Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) as a ‘project of a lifetime for all those involved’, the new bridge is a unique and iconic structure that will be recognised worldwide as a symbol for the north west.

The total length of the new bridge and its approach viaducts is 2.13 kilometres, with a river span of 1 kilometre. There are three towers in the estuary, with a further 30 piers on land supporting the approach viaducts.

Although it will be a tolled crossing, there will be no toll booths, so you will be able to travel quickly and uninterrupted across the river.

It is scheduled to open in autumn 2017.

What’s happening at the Mersey Gateway bridge?

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What will it look like?

Bridge2Bridge1 Helens-canal_tmbGantryManchester Ship canalNorth AbutmentSouth approach viaductDrivers view


The information provided in this map and the phased elements is an overview of planned work and therefore subject to change. Minor works such as offpeak lane closures may not be marked on the maps. The team may have to put in place overnight road closures or diversions at short notice due to emergency situations, and these may not be marked on the map, but it is our aim to keep these maps as up to date as possible.

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