The Mersey Gateway Project

Halton Borough Council hereby gives notice, pursuant to Article 1(3) of the Mersey Gateway Bridge and the A533 (Silver Jubilee Bridge) Roads User Charging Scheme Order 2017 (The Order), that it resolved on 14th September 2016 that the Appointed Day for the purposes of the Order will be 1 July 2017 and that the Order will become operative from this date, subject to the notice given below.

Halton Borough Council further gives notice that on the 14th September 2016 it resolved to suspend the charging of tolls under the Order, pursuant to Article 7(2), until further notice is given. Before the charging of tolls is reintroduced at least 14 days’ notice will be given by way of further advertisement in the press and on the Council’s website.

Roads User Charging Scheme Order 2017

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